Sheriff's Sales

The Sheriff’s Sales are held in the Council Chambers in the Parish Building located at 1811 West Airline Highway, LaPlace, Louisiana.

In order to bid at the Sheriff’s Sale, you will need to have a Letter from your Bank (with Bank Letterhead and Original Signature) or a Cashier’s Check dated no earlier than two days before the sale.  The letter needs to state you have a guarantee of funds available to you that day.

The Letter or Cashier’s check needs to be presented by 9:30am on the day of the Sheriff’s Sale in order to bid at the sale.  Please bring the Letter or Cashier’s Check to the Sheriff’s Office located at 1801 West Airline Highway and ask for Bernadette or Dawn.

A Certified Check must be provided by 2 p.m. on the Same Day as the Sheriff’s Sale should the bidder have the successful bid.

Please make Check Payable to: St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office.

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