Five juveniles, all from LaPlace, were arrested after fleeing from officers during an investigatory traffic stop on Wednesday, June 9, 2021.
About 3:30 a.m., officers responded to Riverlands subdivision in LaPlace in reference to a vehicle traveling in the neighborhood with young people suspected of pulling on vehicle door handles, attempting to burglarize vehicles.
As units came to the intersection of Belle Chasse and Ridgefield drives, officers observed a vehicle fitting the description of the suspect vehicle roll through a stop sign. Officers immediately notified headquarters of the vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number and proceeded to initiate an investigatory stop using top lights and siren.
The driver, later identified as a 13-year-old female, refused to stop, running through several stop signs in the neighborhood and nearly losing control of the vehicle as it ran up street curbs. Eventually, boxed in by officers, the driver stopped in the 500 block of Welham Loop.
Officers ordered the occupants out of the vehicle and onto the ground. The juveniles complied and were apprehended without incident. The juveniles, ages 16, 15 and 13, were arrested for curfew violation. In addition, the 13-year-old was booked with aggravated flight from an officer by vehicle (felony).
Good judgment, professionalism, good decision-making skills, mental conditioning, good driving skills and teamwork displayed by the officers contributed to the positive outcome of this incident.
“Pulling on door handles has become a popular crime trend especially with citizens leaving firearms and other valuables in their unlocked vehicles,” Sheriff Mike Tregre said.
Sheriff Tregre stresses that the solution to preventing vehicle break-ins and thefts is a simple one — LOCK YOUR VEHICLE DOORS.
Also, please remove all valuables from your vehicles. Don’t give thieves an opportunity to steal from you.
In 90 percent of vehicle burglaries, the vehicles are unlocked, leading to valuables being stolen from vehicles. In rare instances where forced entry was made, like a window being broken, an item of value was easily seen from the outside.
Criminals look for easy targets and often attempt to burglarize unsecured vehicles. In many cases, thieves will simply go vehicle to vehicle in parking lots or neighborhoods, checking door handles for unlocked vehicles.
By locking your vehicle and removing valuables, residents have a much better chance of not being a victim of vehicle burglary and theft.
Also, remind your friends, family and neighbors to make sure their vehicles are locked.