It’s always nice to hear good cops stories, and Sheriff Mike Tregre was happy to receive an email on April 2, 2021 l from a local citizen about the positive actions of one of his deputies – Stevie Anthony.
The citizen was inside Firestone in LaPlace and witnessed Officer Anthony assisting a person with a disability in a wheelchair. Because the sidewalk ended and the person in the wheelchair had to get in the road, the citizen saw the officer put on his lights and assist the individual. He took it a step further by getting out and pushing him to safety in the parking lot, the citizen wrote.
With all the negative press about officers, the citizen wrote, it is good to see that officers help persons with disabilities. Officer Anthony did an honorable thing and deserves recognition for assisting individuals with disabilities, the citizen wrote. Accommodation is critical when the parish cannot afford to make things accessibility, the citizen said. Helping out like what Officer Anthony did is a perfect example of accommodation, the citizens said. More specifically, accommodation is “reasonable” when it doesn’t create “undue hardship” for the parish.
“My heart felt good witnessing this event,” the citizen said.
“I tell my officers it’s not always about catching bad guys,”Sheriff Mike Tregre said. “There are acts of kindness that we as law enforcement do that we do that means the most to people.”