In addition to performing their regular road duties for the past couple of weeks, patrol deputies with the St. John Sheriff’s Office were given a special assignment by Sheriff Mike Tregre. Sheriff Tregre stressed that this assignment was of the utmost importance — report to Santa who has been working with local charitable organizations for Operation Spread Christmas Cheer.
Officers were happy to take on these extra duties as Santa’s helpers, delivering toys, clothes, food, water, candy and other items to several families throughout St. John the Baptist Parish. These deliveries were sponsored by St. Peter Church’s Giving Tree Project/Monsignor Jean Eyraud Knights of Columbus, G. Smith Motorsports, and Kirston Pittman of Reserve, a former LSU and St. Louis Rams football player who partnered with the NFL for a gift giveaway.
Officers said they had a great time, working with Santa and his helpers with the Monsignor Jean Eyraud KC, G. Motorsports and Pittman’s team, to bring big smiles to the faces of several families.
“It was a pleasure to work with community partners to make some Christmas wishes come true,” Sheriff Tregre said. “We really enjoyed spreading the Christmas spirit.”
Deputy Ingrid Perrilloux spearheaded this operation for the SJSO with the help of Santa, also known as Deputy Jose Portillo, and Santa’s helpers Sadie Harper, Claudia Weston, Gloria Tassin, Claudette Edwards, Danielle Falgoust and Jessica Abbate, along with several patrol officers.