The St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office recently held its eighth class for Peace Officer Standards and Training for Correctional officers. Officers from the SJSO who participated in the 114-hour POST Corrections training graduated July 24 during a ceremony at Patrol Headquarters in LaPlace.
Warden Gordon Jeffcoat and Assistant Warden Geo Giovingo and Correctional officers Sharon Sealy, Avo Marzwanian and Kaiana Knight commended the officers for completing this difficult course. Graduates are Johnny Nunez, Shada Williams, Tynisha Crushfield, Jermoine Nora, Jordan Miller, Tajah Henry and D’Shinell Perrilloux.
Captain Giovingo, the lead instructor, said he is especially proud of this class of graduates.
Current health concerns were not overlooked, Captain Giovingo said, and instructors and students participated in the class as responsibly as possible. All officers were required to take an initial Covid-19 test and daily screenings were conducted.
“It seems like this will be the new norm for a while and will take time getting used to,” Captain Giovingo said. “The students handled the changes well, making the best of the situation while pushing each other through it.”
Captain Giovingo said he is grateful to the outstanding teachers who worked with students.
“ I would like to thank all the instructors with the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office for assisting with the class and making it a success,” he said. “The students enjoyed the multiple topics taught and the different teaching styles each instructor.”
While officers may work in Corrections without being a peace officer, the Corrections certification bestows a higher level of authority to carry out job duties.
Students had 114 of coursework including legal aspects, report writing, use of force , CPR/Stop the Bleed , chemical agent, defensive tactics, baton, shotgun, taser, and basic jail guidelines.
Officer liability, inmate rights, transporting and escorting inmates, functions of a jail, principles of jail security, suicide prevention, and booking, classification, and release procedures were among the topics discussed.
Instructors were Giovingo, lead instructor; Captains Blane Rome and Charles Wale and Lt. Jason Raborn, firearms and taser; Deputy Darren DeSalvo and Deputy Bryce McClendon, defense tactics; Lt. Raborn, chemical agent; and Lt. Denise Bertrand, CPR/first aid and stop the bleed.