Deputy Justin Williams was named 2017 Officer of the Year by the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office during an awards ceremony January 24 at Regala Gym in Reserve. With him are Chief Steve Guidry, Sam Colon of Pin Oak Terminals, sponsor of the Officer of the Year Award, and Sheriff Mike Tregre.


Six St. John Sheriff’s Officers and one Civilian were honored with Lifesaving Awards at the Awards and Dinner ceremony for their outstanding service to St. John Parish.

Deputy Andre Ardeneaux
St Tammany Parish SO

Deputy Andre Ardeneaux, left, of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office received the civilian life saving award for donating a kidney to St. John Deputy Jason Triche.

Michael Dean                                                   Michael Pugh

Officers Michael Dean and Michael Pugh receive Life Saving Awards.

Both were credited with saving the life of a male subject during a medical emergency at a St. Charles Catholic football game in September 2017, when the victim collapsed after suffering a heart attack.  Officers Dean and Pugh performed CPR for 20 minutes on the victim who was lying on the 50 yard line. The victim was later taken to a New Orleans hospital where he recovered.

Deputy Lisa Dorris

Deputy Lisa Dorris received the Life Saving Award for being instrumental in saving the life of a male subject during a medical emergency in March 2017. 

The victim, who was at home had no pulse, when Deputy Dorris began CPR until medical services arrived. The victim later recovered at a New Orleans hospital.

Deputy Chasity Sanford
Deputy Chasity Sanford received a Life Saving Award for saving the life of a 23 month old infant who was nearly unresponsive after falling into a pool.

After arriving, Deputy Sanford placed the child on its side to pend the airways, and release fluids blocking the airway.  The child later recovered.

Lt.Christie Chauvin

Lt. Christie Chauvin receives a Life Saving Award for saving the life of a nine-month old infant who was found unresponsive after falling into a bucket of water.

After arrival, Lt. Chauvin began artificial resuscitation until the child began breathing again on her own.

Deputy Michael Duronslet
Deputy Michael Duronslet received a Life Saving Award for saving the life of a male subject during a medical emergency in January 2017.

Upon arrival at the subject’s home, Deputy Duronslet discovered the male with no pulse and began CPR until a pulse was detected and the male recovered.


Other Awards Presented

Deputy Antwan Johnson

Purple Star Award

Deputy Antwan Johnson was awarded the Purple Star for injuries received while responding to a call in May 2017 for crowd control at a club in Edgard.  Deputy Johnson was injured in the process of apprehending a subject involved in the incident. Deputy Johnson sustained a fractured hand in the incident.


Sgt. Staty Lewis

Purple Star Award

Sgt. Staty Lewis was awarded the Purple Star for being injured in a vehicle accident that occured in July 2017.  Sgt Lewis was reaching into his unit to grab a first-aid kit to render assistance to persons injured in another accident, when his unit was rear ended by another vehicle. Sgt Lewis sustained a broken shoulder blade and other injuries.

   Lt Blane Rome Jr   –  Major Tanner Mangano

2017 Unit Commendation Award

Lt. Blane Rome Jr., left, and Major Tanner Mangano, commanders of the Crisis Management Unit, and the Special Operations Division, respectively, receive Unit Commendation honors from Sheriff Tregre, for it work in two separate extremely dangerous incidents that occurred in St John Parish, one involving the rescue of a kidnapped victim, the second involving a fellow officer.

     Lt Paul Swancey

2017 Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to Lt. Paul Swancey for his diligent police work that led to saving the life of the kidnap victim and apprehending the kidnappers.  

Lt. Swancey located the kidnap victim’s vehicle parked in front of a residence where the victim was being held hostage. As a result of Lt. Swancey’s perseverance while patrolling, the hostage was rescued, and the four assailants were arrested. 

Major Tanner Mangano

2017 Sheriff’s Star Award

The Sheriff’s Star, which is awarded to an employee or employees for outstanding service to the community and/or the SJSO as selected by Sheriff Tregre, was presented to Major Tanner Mangano. 

Lt. Thomas Ricks

2017 Medal of Valor Award

The Medal of Valor was presented to Lt. Thomas Ricks, who was exceptional in performing his duties during and after a tragic incident involving a fellow police officer. 

The Humanitarian Award is presented to the St. John Business Association for its generous support and sponsorship of the Officer of the Month recognition. Accepting the award is Steve Fraker, president of the business association.


The Humanitarian Award is presented to Celebration Church for its generous action and response to the needs of the SJSO. Accepting the honor from Sheriff Tregre is Pastor David Ford.

When the church received the old Airline Athletic Center as it new site, Pastor David Foster and his congregation gave the SJSO over $100,000 in gym equipment to benefit the Sheriff’s Office health and wellness program.


Recognized with longevity awards for 25 or more years of service to St John Sheriff’s Officer were Lt. Andy Breaux, Lt. James Brouwer, Lt. Troy Cassioppi, Sgt. Faron Duhe, Major Clarence Gray, Chief Steve Guidry, Lt. Mavis Kendrick, Major Larry Leblanc, Major James Oubre, Kenneth Oubre, Sgt. Lawrence Sylvain, Captain Kirt Tregre, Sheriff Mike Tregre, Deputy Jarrett Vicknair, Sgt. Juan Watkins, Captain Allen Weber Jr., Captain Jason Weber and Captain Eugene Weinert.

Also recognized were the 2017 Officers of the Month

The Officers of the Month program is sponsored by the St. John Business Association for the SJSO. The 2017 Officers of the Month honorees were Deputy Cody Schmill, Sgt. Grant Pierre, Major John Gonor, Patrol Deputy Justin Williams, Deputy Ashley Clement, Deputy Tiffany Richard, Deputy Javonna Cordova, K-9 Deuce and Patrol Deputy Kendel Harris, Sgt. Avo Marzwanian, Sgt. Matt Woodruff and Deputy Steven Hughes

Also recognized were the 2017 Officers of the Quarter


Officers of the 1st Quarter

Sponsored by Becnel Law Firm

Justin Williams was named Officer of the First Quarter. With him are Sheriff Tregre and Matthew Moreland, Kay Serven, Jennifer Crose, Kevin Klibert, and Salvadore Christina of Becnel Law Firm, sponsor of the Officer of the First Quarter award.

On January 7, 2017 Deputy Justin Williams entered freezing water in a Garyville canal to rescue a woman and an infant in a car seat from a vehicle submerged in water in a ditch. Both were rescued and unharmed.

Deputy Justin Williams was later honored with the 2017 Officer of the Year Award, presented to him by Sheriff Mike Tregre, and Sam Colon of Pin Oak Terminals, sponsor of the Officer of the Year Award.


Officer of the 2nd Quarter

Sponsored by CN Railroad

Deputy Bernell Charles, center, was named Officer of the Second Quarter. With him are Sheriff Mike Tregre and Morris Evans of CN Railroad , sponsor of the Officer of the Second Quarter award.

Deputy Bernell Charles was honored for outstanding community outreach for the SJSO.  Charles served as the facilitator for the SJSO’s first Citizens Academy. The highly successful academy, attracting 22 participants, was the result of months of preparation and planning by Charles The nine-week program gave participants the opportunity to get an informative and interactive look behind the scenes of the sheriff’s office.




Officer of the 3rd Quarter

Sponsored by Councilwoman Jaclyn Hotard

Sgt. Staty Lewis was named Officer of the Third Quarter. With him are Commander Kirt Tregre and Councilman Michael Wright who presented the awards on behalf of Officer of the Third Quarter award sponsor Councilwoman Jaclyn Hotard.

Sgt. Staty Lewis  returned to work in September after being injured in an accident in July. On July 3, 2017, Sgt. Lewis was assisting with an accident on I-10 near I-55, grabbing a first-aid kit from his unit, when a car rear ended his vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, who was uninjured, was booked with DWI, first degree vehicular negligent injurying, and careless operation of a motor vehicle. Sgt. Lewis was treated for a broken shoulder blade and other injuries. Staty’s accident is a reminder of the hazards police officers encounter on a daily basis, Sheriff Tregre said.  

Officer of the 4th Quarter

Sponsored by Cypress Physical Thereapy


Deputy Michael Harris was named Officer ofthe Fourth Quarter. With Deputy Harris is Sheriff Tregre and Chris Cancienne of Cypress Physical Therapy, sponsor of the Officer of the Fourth Quarter award.

Deputy Michael Harris was honored for his keen observation of a subject injured during an accident that, in turn, led to the timely arrest of the subject, a Mandeville man accused of killing his wife, then going on a burglary spree from Slidell to Lacombe before crashing his vehicle on I-10.  On December 2, 2017, after finishing a detail and returning to his residence in Slidell, Harris was the first to stop at a car crash on the Twin Span bridge. Harris assisted the injured driver until emergency medical services and transported the subject to University Hospital. Upon arrival at his residence, Harris received a “be on the look out” alert on his phone. Reading the BOLO for the armed and dangerous suspect, Harris realized the injured man he assisted in the accident fit the description of the wanted subject in the BOLO. Harris immediately contacted SJSO Communications officials who then notified NOPD. Following the subject’s release from the hospital, he was taken into custody by NOPD. 


Deputy Andre Ardeneaux of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office
who was named the Louisiana Sheriffs Association’s Officer of the Year was the guest speaker 


Sheriff Mike Tregre also thanked the Sponsors of the Officer of the Quarters for 2016

1st Quarter

Becnel Law Firm

2nd Quarter

CN Railroad

3rd Quarter

Councilwoman Jaclyn Hotard

4th Quarter

Cypress Physical Therapy


Special thanks to Gabrielle Treas, who sang the National Anthem

Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser gives the welcome address

Judge Jeff Perilloux, Judge Sterling Snowdy, Councilman-at-large Larry Sorapuru, Clerk of Court Eliana Defrancesch, Sen. Gary Smith Jr. and Assessor Lucien Gauff III were among the elected officials in attendance.

Nearly 300 people attended the SJSO fifth annual Officer of the Year Awards Ceremony.

Officers and guests enjoyed gumbo and potato salad during the Officer of the Year Awards Ceremony.

SJSO Officer of the Year Awards Ceremony Committee