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Published Saturday, December 9, 2017

Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas! There are many of those out here who are naughty and looking for opportunities to steal.

Help us help you to take steps on how not to become a victim.

Here are the 12 tips of Christmas safety:

1. Do not put that empty box to the curve telling the world that you got a brand new 4K Smart flat screen television for Christmas. Thieves look for these type of invitations. Cut or slice the cardboard boxes so they can fit in a garbage bag or can.

2. Posting pictures on social media while you are on vacation or traveling during the holidays is not a good idea. Please wait until you return home to share your memories on social media.

3. Instead of leaving lights on or off  all day and night, use a timer so criminals have no idea that there is no activity at the house.

4. Make sure newspaper and mail deliveries are cancelled. Overfilled mailboxes and multiple newspapers in front of a residence is a telltale sign nobody is home.

5. On garbage days have a neighbor or friend put the garbage cans out and bring back when you are out of town.

6. Cars left unlocked are not getting better anywhere! This is the most opportunistic crime trend lately. SJSO has been talking about this all of 2017! For the 1,000th time: Please, lock your cars and secure your valuables.

7. If you have been nice this year, ask Santa for a home alarm monitoring system to protect you when you’re home and when you’re gone. Please get it monitored if possible.

8. If you have been really nice, ask Santa for security cameras for Christmas. As a bonus, you can register your cameras with SJSO at, where we can know you have surveillance video available to SJSO if something happens in your neighborhood.

9. If possible have packages delivered to the residence of a neighbor or relative who is home during the day or have them delivered to your job. Leaving packages on the steps of a residence is tempting to criminals.

10. Do not put your home phone number or address on your luggage tag. A criminal will know you are leaving town and now has your home phone number and address. To go on vacation only to return home and find it burglarized is a terrible feeling.

11. If you have kids and you are going to a theme park or event where there are lots of people around, have your kids wear easily recognizable clothing or non-typical colors so your eyes can easily pick them out in large crowds.

12. If you are leaving town for the holidays, please contact SJSO at 985-652-6338 and advise our dispatchers so your residence can receive extra patrols.

Keep the Grinch away and  Merry Christmas from my family to yours!