Lt. James “Bo” Bessinger, 2014 Officer of the Year with Sheriff Mike Tregre
and Petra Restaurant owner, T. J. Qutob (r), Officer of the Year Sponsor



Several St John Sheriff’s Officers were honored  with Lifesaving Awards at the Awards and Dinner ceremony for thier outstanding service to St John Parish.

Deputy Dailey is a K9 officer who is currently assigned to the 200 patrol shift.

On Thursday October 30, 2014 at approximately 1345 hours, Deputy Steven Dailey was having lunch at Chili’s restaurant in Laplace with Lt. Monty Adams and another detective. Lt. Adams began choking on a piece of food and stood up and walked away from the table. Deputy Dailey followed Lt. Adams outside of the restaurant and observed Lt. Adams choking and gasping for air. Deputy Dailey quickly administered “the Heimlich Maneuver” and was able to dislodge the food from Lt. Adams airway. Lt. Adams was later cleared by the Doctor and has since returned to work.


Deputy Michael Duronslet is currently assigned to the 200 patrol shift. He received two life saving awards.


On August 25, 2014 at approximately 0807 hours, Deputy Michael Duronslet was dispatched to a residence on East 215` St. in Reserve in reference to a 65 year old female having difficulty breathing. Upon his arrival, he observed that the female was not breathing and she had no pulse. Deputy Duronslet started CPR and continued CPR until he was relieved by the responding ambulance unit. After several minutes, EMS located a pulse and the patient was transported to the hospital. Several hours later, the female was observed at the hospital, alert and having a conversation with her family.

Later that same day, Deputy Duronslet was dispatched to Za Rd. for a male who was not responding. Upon his arrival, Deputy Duronslet observed the male was not breathing and did not have a pulse. Deputy Duronslet immediately started CPR and continued until he was later relieved by the responding ambulance unit. After several minutes, EMS located a pulse and the patient was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

Deputy Sidney Triche is currently assigned to the 300 patrol shift.

On Saturday, August 2, 2014 at approximately 1643 hours, Deputy Triche was dispatched a residence on Riverlands Dr. in reference to an unconscious male near a swimming pool. Before arriving at the scene, Deputy Triche was advised that CPR was already in progress. Upon Deputy Triche’s arrival, he took over administering CPR. He continued until he was relieved by the fire department.



Also recognized were the 2014 Officers of the Quarter

The entire Criminal Investigations Division received the Officer of the 1st Quarter.
Because of their continued dedication and commitment to keeping our Citizens safe, the Detectives in CID have worked tirelessly to identify and arrest the suspects in the homicide case at the LaPlace Feed Store and set a strong foundation for the New Orleans Police Department, and continue to work together to identify and arrest 3 suspects in the homicide cases of Kenneth and LaKeitha Joseph.  The Detectives continue to sacrifice time away from their families to bring justice to all victims of foul play.

Deputy Turner Barron
 received the Officer of the 2nd Quarter
Deputy Barran was selected not only for performing his duties competently and conscientiously, he does it professionally and unselfishly.  It was recently brought to our attention by a citizen that while patrolling throughout his assigned District during the freezing weather we experienced this past winter, Deputy Barran came upon an individual who was sleeping in their vehicle and did not want to move to a shelter. Deputy Barran took it upon himself to use his own money to purchase a battery and a tank of gas for the individual so they could stay warm during this cold spell.  He then passed by throughout the night checking to make sure they were safe.  This is just one of the examples of his kindness and generosity that if it were not for a citizen calling to thank him, we would not have known the full extent of his generosity.

Deputy Michael Duronslet
 received the Officer of the 3rd Quarter
On August 25, 2014 Michael Duronslet successfully performed CPR on two different individuals in their time of need. These two events occurred within one hour of each other. He assisted in getting the hearts restarted on both patients before they were transported to the hospital for additional treatments.

Lt. James “Bo” Bessinger
 received the Officer of the 4th Quarter
As a member of the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force, Lieutenant Bessinger is tasked with searching for and apprehending the most violent of criminals, often called to report to duty in the very early hours of the morning not knowing when he will return home or if the search will take the team across state lines.  Since joining the task force 18 months ago, Lieutenant Bessinger has a 100% arrest rate of all cases assigned to him from St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. James “Bo” Bessinger was then honored with the 2014 Officer of the Year Award, presented to him by Sheriff Mike Tregre, and T. J. Qutob, Owner of Petra’s Restaurant, Sponsor of the Officer of the Year award.  Keynote Speaker was Mr. Anthony Bynum, Special Agent in Charge, New Orleans office of the US Secret Service

Sheriff Mike Tregre, Lt. Bo Bessinger,  Mr. Anthony Bynum,  T. J. Qutob


Sheriff Mike Tregre also thanked the Sponsors of the Officer of the Quarters for 2014

Wayne Vicknair Jr
Advanced Marketing & Promotions LLC

Mia Perez
Louisiana Federal Credit Union

Noni & Raj Pannu
Pannu Enterprises

Bill Ironside
RTC Security Services



Special thanks to Miss D’Wan Lennix, of East St John High School, who sang the National Anthem, and our 2013 & 2014 Honorary Sheriff’s for the Day, Ashleigh Zaidain (l), and Francesca Puglia (r), who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.