St. John Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Amanda Roh was recently presented with a Certificate of Commendation by Sheriff Wayne L. Jones for her actions in saving the life of a new born baby. 

Deputy Roh, who is currently assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division, was dispatched on Jan 11, 2012 to a call of a female in labor.  Upon arriving at the scene, officers found that the newly born baby was not breathing.  Deputy Roh began rendering first aid and artificial resuscitation on the new born until the baby began breathing on its own.  Deputy Roh continued rendering aid until paramedics arrived and took both baby and mother to the hospital.

Deputy Roh’s exemplary participation and professional performance contributed to the successful factors in saving the life of the new born baby, who at last reports, both baby and mother are recovering well.

Sheriff Wayne L. Jones also commended Dpy. Roh for her outstanding dedicated service to St John Parish with a luncheon.