As part of the initiative program to stop underage drinking, the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Underage Drinking Enforcement Task Force recently conducted another routine operation this past Saturday, Sept. 24th, 2011.  This is one of eleven operations initiated monthly since September 2010. 

Task Force officers checked  local beverage outlets and drinking establishments by sending underage juvenile confidential informants into these establishments for the purpose of attempting to purchase alcohol.   Officers checked patrons for underage possession of alcohol.

Saturday’s operation resulted in the following:

16 convenience stores were checked.

    6 store clerks were cited for selling alcohol to minors.

    5 store clerks were arrested by misdemeanor summons.

    1 store clerk was arrested and booked, for 3rd offense for selling alcohol to minors, and for contempt of court  for not appearing for court on a previous citation of selling alcohol to minors.


4 drinking establishments were checked for underage possession of alcohol.

1 patron was given a summons for underage possession of alcohol.